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16.11.2021 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Wilfried Winiwarter (IIASA, Pollution Management Research Group): The environmental nitrogen cycle in different spatial dimensions – science aspects and policy challenges

Reactive nitrogen, i.e. all nitrogen compounds except molecular N2, in the environment has been described as a cascade of events ...


Loschmidt-Preisträger 2021: Dr. Janine Schwestka und Dr. Lukas Mennel

Dies ist der 23. Loschmidt-Preis, er ergeht an ...

24.06.2021 14:00

Online Vortrag: Katsumi Shozugawa (University of Tokyo): Let’s talk about radiation: Science and facts for Tokyo 2020

15.06.2021 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Viktor Weiss (Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics, TU Wien): Gas-phase electrophoresis applying a nES GEMMA instrumentation - can it help in vaccine development?

Gas-phase electrophoresis applying a nano Electrospray Gas-phase Electrophoretic Mobility Molecular Analyzer ...

08.06.2021 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Nadine Borduas-Dedekind (Department of Chemistry, University of British-Columbia, Vancouver, Canada): Cool cloud chemistry: Photochemistry of organic aerosols and its effect on mixed-phase cloud formation

Aerosol-cloud interactions play a key role in the earth’s energy budget, yet contribute to the largest uncertainty ...

01.06.2021 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Thorsten Hüffer (Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science Department of Environmental Geosciences, University of Vienna): Micro- and nanoplastics in the environment – lessons learnt and concerns to be scrutinized

Both the versatility and durability of plastics makes it a commonly used material but causes growing environmental ...

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