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15.03.2022 17:30

Online Vortrag von Jia Min Chin (Institut für Anorganische Chemie - funktionelle Materialien, Universität Wien):

This talk addresses some of my group’s research highlights on MOFs and other functional materials ...

25.01.2022 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Aline LEON (European Institute for Energy Research (EIfER), Germany): Hydrogen as an energy carrier within the transition from fossil to renewable fuels

The climate target settled worldwide for 2050 requires that our current energy system based on fossil fuels

18.01.2022 17:30

Abgesagt: Online Vortrag von Carl Goodrich (Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria): Assembling function with differentiable simulations

Solving inverse problems is a ubiquitous challenge spanning much of science. This is particularly ...

11.01.2022 17:30

Online Vortrag von Ruth Birner-Grünberger (TU Wien, Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics): Functional proteomics of tree pollen allergens and allergy contributing protein factors

Allergic respiratory diseases, such as asthma and allergic rhinitis, represent a major health care burden and are the most common ...

07.12.2021 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Lea Ann Dailey (Universität Wien, Department für Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften): Polymer nanoparticles: From the environment to medicine and then back again

Our lab has spent many years investigating polymers as drug carriers for therapeutic or diagnostic applications ...

23.11.2021 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Janine Schwestka (Loschmidt-Preisträgerin 2021): On the Charge Exchange Dynamics of Highly Charged Ions in Atomically Thin Solids

In many fields of physics and chemistry, the interaction of ions with surfaces plays a major role ...

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