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11.01.2022 17:30

Online Vortrag von Ruth Birner-Grünberger (TU Wien, Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics): Functional proteomics of tree pollen allergens and allergy contributing protein factors

Allergic respiratory diseases, such as asthma and allergic rhinitis, represent a major health care burden and are the most common ...

07.12.2021 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Lea Ann Dailey (Universität Wien, Department für Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften): Polymer nanoparticles: From the environment to medicine and then back again

Our lab has spent many years investigating polymers as drug carriers for therapeutic or diagnostic applications ...

23.11.2021 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Janine Schwestka (Loschmidt-Preisträgerin 2021): On the Charge Exchange Dynamics of Highly Charged Ions in Atomically Thin Solids

In many fields of physics and chemistry, the interaction of ions with surfaces plays a major role ...

16.11.2021 17:30

Online-Vortrag von Wilfried Winiwarter (IIASA, Pollution Management Research Group): The environmental nitrogen cycle in different spatial dimensions – science aspects and policy challenges

Reactive nitrogen, i.e. all nitrogen compounds except molecular N2, in the environment has been described as a cascade of events ...


Loschmidt-Preisträger 2021: Dr. Janine Schwestka und Dr. Lukas Mennel

Dies ist der 23. Loschmidt-Preis, er ergeht an ...

24.06.2021 14:00

Online Vortrag: Katsumi Shozugawa (University of Tokyo): Let’s talk about radiation: Science and facts for Tokyo 2020

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