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15.05.2018 17:30

Dieter Süss (Universität Wien): Functional Magnetic Nanostructures

Within the talk I will review our activity on magnetic and spintronic applications ...

08.05.2018 17:30

David Reguera (University of Barcelona): How well do we understand nucleation phenomena?

Matter appears in nature in different aggregation states called phases. How atoms and molecules ...

24.04.2018 17:30

Elisabeth Gruber, Loschmidt-Preisträgerin 2017 (Aarhus University, Dänemark): Interaction of ions with 3D and 2D materials

The interaction of ions with solids plays an important role in fundamental and applied research ...

17.04.2018 17:30

Sebastian Mai, Loschmidt-Preisträger 2017 (Uni Wien): Excited-state dynamics of nucleobase analogues

The DNA, carrier of the genetic information, possesses several protection mechanisms against damage induced by absorption of UV light ...

20.03.2018 17:30

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) has been revolutionised in recent years, both by the introduction

23.01.2018 17:30

Yuval Golan (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel): Nanomaterials at interfaces: New insights on wet chemical preparation of functional nanomaterials

The talk will present the chemical bath deposition pathway to “chemical epitaxy”, which refers to the growth

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