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21.11.2023 18:00

Christopher Russo (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge): What is the best energy for imaging molecules with electrons?

Radiation damage sets the ultimate limit to structure determination using any form of ionisingradiation with sufficient energy to resolve the...

21.11.2023 17:30


Am Dienstag, 21. November 2023, findet um 17:30 Uhr die Jahreshauptversammlung 2023 der Chemisch-Physikalischen Gesellschaft statt.

14.11.2023 17:30

Lado Filipovic (Technische Universität Wien, Institute for Microelectronics): Multi-Scale Modeling Approaches for Emerging Materials and Devices

To enable transistor scaling, the introduction of novel materials and innovative geometries is paramount...

24.10.2023 17:30

Paul S. Szabo (Technische Universität WIen, Institut für Angewandte Physik): Novel Insights into Ion-Solid Interaction: Case Studies for Space Weatherind and Nuclear Fusion Research

Studying the interaction of impacting ions with different materials has a broad background in fundamental and application-focused research...

17.10.2023 17:30

Bernhard Bayer-Skoff (Technische Universität Wien, Forschungsgruppe Molekulare Materialchemie): Realising scalable synthesis and integration of two-dimensional materials and hybrids

Having unique combinations of many exceptional and useful properties, two- dimensional (2D) materials are essentially “transferrable surfaces” with a...

20.06.2023 17:30

Kimmo Mustonen (Univ. Wien, Physik Nanostruktuierter Materialien): New Approaches for New Materials: Exotic 2D Crystals from Table-Top Chemistry

Many bulk compounds have van der Waals layered phases at pressures and temperatures other than those of the ambient...

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