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Joachim Curtius (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main): Aerosol and Cloud Formation in a Changing Climate: Results from the CLOUD experiment at CERN

Atmospheric aerosols and clouds reflect and absorb sunlight as well as terrestrial radiation and have a major influence on Earth's energy budget and...


Achille Giacometti (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia): The physics of the protein folding problem: a possible new perspective?

Homopolymers are known to form a high temperature swollen (coil) phase and a low temperature phase globular phase


Air pollution by microscopic particles (aersosols) is one of the biggest environmental problems today


Günter Grampp (TU Graz): Are the Current Theories of Electron Transfer applicable to Kinetics in Ionic Liquids?

First a short introduction into both, the current theories of electron transfer (namely Marcus-Theory, Nobel Prize 1992) and the unusual...


Franz Sachslehner (Uni Wien): 300 Jahre Experimentalphysik an der Universität Wien - die Zeit von 1920 bis heute

Das ist nun der dritte Teil von "300 Jahre Experimentalphysik an der Universität Wien"


Harald Grosse (Uni Wien): Topological Phase Transitions and Topological Phases of Matter, Nobel Prize in Physics 2016

The physicists Duncan M. Haldane, David J. Thouless and Michael Kosterlitz – Nobel-Prize winners 2016 – used topology to identify new phases of...

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